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I kind of hate having those talks with people where you're both really scared and emotional. But sometimes they do you good and make you realize why you really love someone. I don't think I'm so scared anymore.

Boo at Gerard for re-dying his hair black. The blonde was so... it fucking fit the part, okay? 
Let us mourn the whole three or so months we had of blondie. 

I hope to hell I get to see them in February. I'll fucking cry if I don't.

new year's resolutions

Stop missing so much school
2. Stop being so whiny.
3. Be more open minded
4. Do something completely unexpected

I feel pretty icky right now. I might go shower and watch Harold and Maude or Ghost World for a while. Those movies always make me remember the point of life.

By the way, rent Little Miss Sunshine. You will not be disappointed.
Merry Christmas everybody.
Let's all listen to Arcade Fire and love each other.
No seriously, this is an amazing Christmas-type song.

i wish i had five deathrock boys

On the twelfth day of Christmas, dracula_disco sent to me...
Twelve b-movies drumming
Eleven horrorpops piping
Ten zombies a-leaping
Nine vampires dancing
Eight bats a-milking
Seven cemeteries a-swimming
Six mohawks a-laying
Five de-e-e-eathrock boys
Four top hats
Three ian curtis
Two rozz williams
...and a deathrock in a black and white photography.
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So today was basically amazing. I stayed after and went up to this church to hang out with a bunch of "the gang" as Colin referred to us as for this idea they have, combining a band and live action theatre stuff. I'm totally into the whole idea, and it gives me something to do every Friday afternoon. Lotta cool people were there and it mainly involved us running around the rec room of this Lutheran church (I found it amusing that several of us there were atheists, but thats just me), being weird little shits. 

My internet is being weird though. It hasn't been able to dial up ever since I got home. I have DSL and it keeps saying it's not connected, so we had to hook it up to the phone line. Which is kind of nice, not hearing the phone ring all day. I hope it gets fixed soon though, as I'm rather sure it's just the network's problem. Or at least I hope so, because I really don't want to go get an entirely new modem or something.

Vyv icon in honor of Colin, the only person in Penn Hills who gets my britcom references, even if he likes Dr. Who.

Dec. 14th, 2006

Wow. This new LJ layout for posting is REALLY confusing.

I finally finished my essay. Now all I have to do is the poster. Which will be fun because I like making posters and artsy things.
The Damned's cover of "White Rabbit" is astounding. Almost as good as the original, except the "feed your head" part at the end sounded a tad too whiny. But all in all, really really good. 

I'm in love with all things Damned.

conversations with santa

AIM, thank you for your little 'bots. They give me reason to laugh.

Today I talked to Santa 'bot. Here's some highlights:

SantaClaus: Um, k, very good then.... Just making some notes here.
So... Oh; Can you please tell me whether you are:

1. Male
2. Female

me: Androgynous
SantaClaus: Oh dear, I'm going to get in so much trouble here -- can you just tell me:
1. Male
2. Female

me: Male Female
SantaClaus: Hey, I really have to know if you are a:
1. Male
2. Female

me: Male
SantaClaus: Can you puh-lease just tell me if you are:
1. Male
2. Female

me: Male
SantaClaus: Hey now... I have to know whether you're like a boy or girl:
1. Male
2. Female

me: Male

me: I'm a girl.
SantaClaus: Why did you say that?

me: Because earlier you asked my gender and I said male.
SantaClaus: Oh, if I had a penny for every time an elf said that to me!